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Dall'inghilterra la lettera di Sandra Opoku

Sandra Opoku

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for making this my first event in a major challenge which proved to exceed all my expectations from arriving in the Sahara Desert and meeting my fellow runners. I felt at ease with the way this event was organized providing a wealth of resources which made this event a great success.

The team of dedicated supporters acted at all times in a professional manner providing excellent food and medical supplies.

Over the period of 4 days I could have never imagined that my body could withstand the extreme conditions including the heat, sand storms and the variance in terrain. The moral was very high even though at times the language barriers proved to be difficult this was overcome and everybody was smiling all of the time.

My memories of the landscape, making camp and watching the sun go down in such a peaceful and tranquil setting will remain with me for ever.

To think my training back home in England was barely a few miles a day 3-4 week. I am very proud of my achievement in this event which will no doubt inspire me to conquer greater challenge in my life.

Through out the event it felt as thou I was made to feel very special and nothing proved too much in supporting me.

Once again thank you for all your support.

Kind regards

Sandra Opoku

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