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Harry il camminatore premiato, ora il premio lo merita ancora di pił!!

Harry Townsend

Dear Adriano

I just want to tell you what a brilliant race this was! The organisation was fantastic, impeccable: the support was wonderful: and, throughout the entire week, I never saw anybody looking miserable!

It was a tremendous honour to receive one of your Special Trophies (although I doubt that I deserve this!): and I have added a report on our website www.melanoma-fund.co.uk under the section 7 7 70, which says what a wonderful race this is.

The report is at the end of this section 7 7 70.

I hope that many many more runners and walkers from England will take part.

Thank you for having such patience with me, the Slowest Walker: nobody made me feel unwelcome, and to meet you and to receive my trophy was just fantastic.

As you probably know, when my wife Myfanwy died from the skin cancer malignant melanoma, we set up a Charity, the Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund, to raise awareness of malignant melanoma and to find a cure for this terrible disease: I have done many fundraising projects, including pushing a wheelbarrow from end to end of the north island of New Zealand (1,200+km in 68 days), climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and walking the PIlgrim Trail across Spain to Santiago de Compostela (800kms, 38 days).

Now that I am 70, I have started 7 7 70: seven Challenges in Seven continents at the age of seventy, and your race was the first of these Challenges, and what a fantastic start! But it's all on our website.

Thank you again for a fantastic race: you team must all be very proud of what you have achieved once again and it was a fantastic experience for me and everybody who took part

Yours sincerely

Harry Townsend

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