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My 100 km of Sahara

Kenwynne Barber

Dear Sir,

If you fancy a real running adventure then you must try the next 100Km Del Sahara which was held this year between 10th and 17th March in Tunisia. It is a four-day stage and one night stage race. I entered this year for the first time and found it to be a truly wonderful and inspiring experience. Myself and two friends, Liz Ringham and Vivian Toms, from the Avon Valley Runners were the first representatives from Britain to enter. Proudly, Liz was the 2nd fastest woman overall.

The Italian organisers were fantastic and could not have improved things in any way. We were supplied with excellent food and even wine if you wanted it. Afternoon refreshments were also provided. We had mattresses in our Berberi tents. There was a coach on hand to provide pre and post race stretching exercises and a medical team to care for any eventuality. Water was unlimited and freely available. There was a mobile water carrier that had been adapted to provide shower facilities via hoses.

The race itself was tough, passing through a variety of fascinating and beautiful desert terrains in temperatures up to 40C. The last stage finished in the magnificent sand dunes of Ksar Ghailane. On crossing the finishing line and being presented with our well earned medals and tee shirts we were greeted by the site of a beautiful oasis with a constantly flowing hot spring where we could swim. Words alone could not describe how wonderful this felt.

In addition to the running event there is also a walkers package for those who want to experience the challenge of the desert but don’t actually run. There was always a team of dromedaries and four wheel drive vehicle on hand to provide additional transport if required. The walkers were treated just as well as the runners, receiving the same hospitality and facilities.

Throughout the whole event the staff at all levels were faultless, all working hard as a team to ensure that the competitors had a truly memorable week. They laid on two folklore evenings, a lovely presentation ceremony and a fantastic farewell party.

I have competed in a variety of events all over the world but this one stands out as one of the most satisfying and enjoyable. It has left me with wonderful memories of great camaraderie, lovely people, superb desert scenery, and a sense of true adventure. All in all a ten out of ten event.

Any one wanting to swell the ‘Brit presence’ (I’ll be there again) can contact www.100kmdelsahara.com.


Yours, a very tired and happy

Kenwynne Barber

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