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Adriano Zito ENGLISH

The long return made with the column of vehicles is always very useful to regain energy and review things with the calm before that you can not have.
24 hours of sailing are those which are used for all the reflections and to compare with the heads of various departments, which are useful for the conclusions and indications necessary for the implementation of the program of the upcoming 17th edition of 2015.
But let's start from the beginning it has to be a special edition, and it was, the edition of return in Tunisia after the problems of the "Jasmine Revolution", which since 2011 had forced the cancellation of the race, and a shift in Senegal next year, but now the dunes of the Tunisian Sahara desert have finally welcomed once again a group of adventurers who decided to be there, to challenge the desert and to give their presence as a major return signal in a country that started the journey towards democracy, but that has already ensured the safety especially for their guests.
As I said the result of more than 100 people involved in the race is to be considered great, we worked a lot on the level of promotion and communication, because the fear and the fatigue to make fifty members, it was a very high probability given the previous difficulties policies and given the severe economic crisis that has certainly also involved many of willing potential participants.
Now even more convinced, I am very happy, my happiness is higher than all the others, because it is the sum of all your joys, and it is also the time when I come paid back of my efforts and my work, and especially the result obtained for how things were held.
It was the first time of the Nordic Walking, the first 100 km in 3 days, all innovations that have greatly valued the race, but that did not shaken the mood of the participants, who have dealt with an indomitable spirit the long hot kilometers of the distance.
I owe a thank you to all of them, the effort and energies involved are valuable indicators for me and the future plans of the race, thanks to you we now have the elements that will help us improve and grow.
It's nice to regenerate my emotions in people who has any change, and it is also nice to confront with the veterans who return, with their comments help me to improve.
As I said at the presentation ceremony, you will be the protagonists of the 16th edition, special and unique in the history of the race and this will be a small privilege, it is true that every year we change some things, but in this edition we really changed so radical formula, making it very, very challenging from the physical point of view, perhaps too much, so a big thank you even more for your hard work and your sweat.
It was nice for me and the staff to be at your disposal and see so appreciated our efforts and our commitment, but this is mostly about the guys who share with me since many years the joy of this adventure.
Do I have the best collaborators possible, in every department there are men of excellence for capacity availability and dedication, you've seen the results with your own eyes, I want to keep my only merit to continue to believe more in this race, even when perhaps it would have been easier and more convenient to give up, and continue to surround myself with people much more capable than me with all the necessary awareness.

It is not important to be phenomena, it is enough to have them in your team, then the result comes by itself
Thank you to all the Runners, the Nordic Walking and all the guys of the staff for their hard work and their trust
I hug you strongly, thanks a lot!!

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