Edizione 2019



Thank you all

Adriano Zito - English version-

It’s been a great edition and everything went very fine, we really needed it !
The last minute change in the destination forced us to perform a hectic extra work: many in fact were the things to arrange properly, mainly to make everything as smooth as possible for all those runners who decided to trust us and take part in this troubled 100 km del Sahara 17th edition. With some luck, but expecially thanks to the competence and professionalism of all our collaborators, this happened and today we all can enjoy the memories of this nice edition.
My heartily thanks go expecially to Born2Run agency, to Jean Jaques Bancal owner of Sahel Decouvert agency and to all the tireless guys of Zitoway’ staff who made this possible.
But thank you Senegal ! For your beauty, for all the things you offered us, for the sand dunes, the savannah trails, the ocean and river shores, but most of all for the joyful, smiling people, for the villages poor but genuine, for the boisterous markets, for the merry kids in the villages and in the school. Here, thanks to runners’ awareness, we could leave a little gift made of pens and exercise books.
I know the race has been very hard and demanding: heat, sand and the technical features of the itinerary, required great efforts to all of you, Runners and Nordic Walkers. We tried to assist you at our best and really enjoyed being at your side during this tough experience: thanks for having offered us the chance to do wha we like more.
When editions like this one come to an end, I understand how me and the whole staff find the positive tension necessary to go on with our work and refreshing our ideas. Sometimes problems took us to the limit. But then magically everything settles and energies suddenly come back. Now the wish would be to start again immediately and realize all the improvements we thought for the program. But of course this is not possible: we must wait another year.
Anyway we are sure that Senegal will see again its 100 km race: the “100 km du Senegal” will be part for sure of our 2016 events and more runners and nordic walker will share the emotions we all lived this year !
Thank you all from the deep of my heart.
Adriano Zito

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